Exercise & Fitness Club

IBA delivers an accessible and empathetic physical activities programme to marginalised residents of Islington’s community, older persons, women and those with long-term health conditions. We work with residents who find it challenging to access mainstream health and fitness provision. We run a variety of exercise classes and groups. The Exercise classes include Aerobics, exercise and fitness, Zumba, yoga, and occasionally our own fusion workouts using dance and movement. During the Spring and Summer months, we organise exercise groups including walking groups and light intensity exercise for those with long term health conditions. Residents who take a part report improved exercise and fitness knowledge, improved physical fitness, improved confidence and improved mental wellbeing.

In 2019 IBA’s Exercise and Fitness Programme has helped to achieve the following:
80 No. of exercise and fitness sessions
40 No. of outdoor fitness sessions for older men in partnership with the Claremont Centre
153 No. of Clients Assisted:
45 No. of new clients Joining this year
27 Average clients per session