Children’s Afterschool Club

This year funded through a new 3-Year grant from the BBC Children in Need we started up a new afterschool and weekend club for children and young people from disadvantaged families in Islington. The Project provided support to children to raise their educational and skills achievements and helps children to develop confidence in learning, and confidence in themselves. The literacy, numeracy educational support delivered followed the school’s national curriculum and what the children are being taught at school. Every month we would introduce a new topic and beforehand consult with the children about what they are doing at school so the lessons so that we delivered the educational support that coincided with what they learn at school. In this way, we think the children benefited from our additional support as they have extra information which can help with their school studies.

We also ran educational and awareness-raising sessions on the benefits of living a healthier life and how to do this on a daily basis. The classes and workshop sessions were delivered through classroom talks, presentations, through educational games, using a variety of learning materials, worksheets, flashcards to give a boost to the children’s health and these focused on the following:
The children talked about the different types of food and learned about nutrition and diet in general E.g. to eat healthily, and to eat more fruit and vegetable.
The children learnt the effects of junk food on their health and how to avoid it.
Learning the benefits of having healthy food options through a balanced diet.
The children talked and discussed and worked to create home menus.
We encouraged the children to identify their own health behaviours and that they set personal goals for improvement.