After School & Weekend Club

that works to build a better future for all children by giving educational support to children and young people and their families. The key objectives of the club are to raise educational standards and encourage good discipline and behaviour; to help the children who are underachieving in schools. This year the children chose 3 specific themes which they decided to broaden their understanding and learning.
The Theme on Community Building was a 6-week Easter Programme delivered in partnership by the Small Works Big Ideas at Clear Village, a London-based charity that helps communities build a better future through creative regeneration.

Term 1
Theme: The Environment
The children engaged in learning about their environment in areas of climate change; understanding the effects of global warming; the ecosystem; effects of pollution; benefits of gardening. The children used creative writing, poetry, play activities; talks; applying arts and crafts to develop their learning and awareness of the environment. The children also participated in outdoor activities at the Barnsbury Community Gardens learning about nature, plants and gardening topics.

Term 2
Theme: Community Building
The children engaged in range of community building activities, using a variety of team building activities, a role play activities, discussions and debates on: Gangs, Violence; Hate, knife crime; Recycling; Their community and home. The children started thinking about what community is and what it means to them. The children shared ideas and challenged their own opinions and those of others in a safe and structured environment. These activities enabled verbal contribution, to stimulate debate, to introduce and unpack ideas around community.

Term 3
Theme: Building a Healthier Life
The children learnt the benefits of living a healthier life and how to do this daily. The topics were delivered through classroom talks, presentations, using educational games, learning materials, worksheets, flashcards to give a boost to the children’s health.