Islington Bangladesh Association (IBA)

IBA was established in 1984 as a self-help group when several local Bangladeshi families settled in Islington came together to work collectively to improve their quality of life. Since inception IBA's main concern has been to engage with those members of the community who are poor and most at risk of social exclusion in learning and networking activities, so they can regain confidence, raise health awareness and improve health inequality, acquire new skills, broaden their horizons and access the support services they might need to pursue personal development opportunities. The IBA services are also currently accessed by BAMER communities residing in Islington Borough. In recent years the IBA services was accessed by people coming from neighbouring boroughs.

Our Key Projects

Children’s Afterschool Club

This year funded.

Children’s Afterschool Club

This year funded…

This year funded through a new 3-Year grant from the BBC Children in Need we started up a new afterschool…

Our Recent Activities

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Tea/Coffee Morning

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (women only) we offer Tea/Coffee...

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Obesity, Weight Management and Healthy Diet Awareness Event

On 22nd August 2023 we  organised a health awareness event...

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Our Summer Trip 2023

On 15th August 2023 we  took  47 women from "You...

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