Tackling Poverty & Hardship

IBA provides support to tackle some of the causes of poverty, help promote independence and enhance life opportunities including access to training and employment. We assist residents to access support our Welfare Rights Service that provides free, independent and confidential advice, information and guidance to Islington’s residents on their legal rights and responsibilities and helps to resolve their legal, money and other problems.
Islington’s residents have access to a variety of issues at the General Help level in legal areas of welfare rights, housing, employment, consumer rights, money and debt. We also provide specialist legal services in partnership with the Islington Law Centre which provides more in-depth advice, support and advocacy.

IBA’s Welfare Rights IAG service offers a range of services for Islington’s residents including:
• Walk-in advice service
• a telephone helpline
• Advice by email
• Appointments with an adviser
• Help with official letters and forms, including internet access

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